• 2nd Edition

  • Fall 2020

  • Voilà! #2 Project Awards

  • Large Urban Projects

Bridging the Gaps

Assessing Vulnerability and Mobility in Montreal’s Bridge-Bonaventure Sector

  • Impact Potential Award


Our project serves to analyze not only the available data that the City and other agencies put out to evaluate current transportation systems, but also to use that data to perform an impact analysis of posited interventions to improve access to mobility in the Bridge-Bonaventure sector.

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Consult Project Document

A collaboration between:

City of Montreal

Service de l’urbanisme et de la mobilité

Municipal experts

Annie Laurin


URBS480, Impact Assessment, Concordia University, Geography, Planning & Environment


Alexandra Lesnikowski

Student team

Aaron Bensmihen
Ben Azoulay
Issac Choueke
Melissa Bell
Mirja Reid
Sahithiya Kannathasan