• 2nd Edition

  • Winter 2021

  • Open Data And Urban Infrastructures

Identifying risky collision areas in Montreal and the contributing factors


It is essential to investigate on the contributing factors which leads to social suffering. The main purpose of this project is to detect risky areas and its contributing factors in Montreal city. Investigating on risky areas not only saves lives, but it is also beneficial to the society, leaders, and insurance companies.

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A collaboration between:

City of Montreal

Direction, technologies, architecture, innovation et sécurité

Municipal experts

Marie-Odette St-Hilaire


CIVI 691 – Big Data Analytics for Smart City Infrastructure (Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering), Concordia University


Mazdak Nik-Bakht

Student team

Elnaz Jafarian
Zeinab Fathibozchalouei
Pouya Nouraeidanesh
Arman Nazemirad