• 2nd Edition

  • Fall 2020

  • Voilà! #2 Project Awards

  • Heat Islands

Power to the plants

An Interactive podcast

  • Jury's Favorites

  • Original Concept Award


We’ve create an interactive experience around a specific zones of Montreal that teaches its users the history, use, benefits as well as care for plants that are native to North America, and more specifically Canada. Planters are located throughout the city with QR codes that can be scanned. The code will take you to the podcast episode that corresponds to the planter in front of you. All you need to do is hit ‘play’ and listen to all the information we have to offer!

Do you want to know more?

Consult Project Document

A collaboration between:

City of Montreal

Service de la gestion et de la planification immobilière

Municipal experts

Nicolas Marier


SOCI398 – The Governance of Nature, Concordia University, Sociology and Anthropology


Katja Neves

Student team

Lauren Michaud
Adji Seck
Jacqueline Trudel
Dakota Kitchen
Samar Boudinar