• 2nd Edition

  • Fall 2020

  • Voilà! #2 Project Awards

  • Heat Islands

The Schoolyard Ecosphere Project

  • Jury's Favorites


In Montreal, there are far too many schoolyards that resemble parking lots. Like an oak tree in a forest, problems do not exist in isolation but in ecosystems of interconnected components. This concept - though a little bit wild - addresses the issue of heat zone as well as a handful of related urban needs including food security, environmental education, & community development.

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A collaboration between:

City of Montreal

Service de la gestion et de la planification immobilière

Municipal experts

Nicolas Marier


SOCI398 – The Governance of Nature, Concordia University, Sociology and Anthropology


Katja Neves

Student team

Pauline Bellec
Juliette Carman
Julie Lehmann
Monica Thom