• 1st Edition

  • Fall 2019

  • Smart communities

Our unsustainable coffee habits


Every week, 4 million cups are disposed of in the Greater Montreal region. This is an art installation designed to communicate the unsustainable habit of the use and subsequent disposal of single-use coffee cups within the Greater Montreal region. We have found that an effective way to communicate the data on coffee cups is by materialising the total amount into a concrete and static visualization. We explore the relationship between the material space the cups occupy in landfills and its implication on the environment, by bringing the issue to the community’s attention.

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Une collaboration entre :

Ville de Montréal

Laboratoire d’innovation urbaine de Montréal

Experts municipaux

Patrick Lozeau
Véronique Dufort


DART263 – History and Theory of Design for Sustainability, Université Concordia, Design and Computation Arts 


Carmela Cucuzzella

Équipe étudiante

Laura Porto
Marco Nguyen-Cote