• 1st Edition

  • Fall 2019

  • Smart communities

Tragic traffic

Car commute awareness


With the new controversial lights on the Champlain Bridge, we wish to develop a motion detector that will be able to count the number of cars that pass everyday and have the ability to change the colour of the lights on the bridge in order to represent the damage cars cause to the city of Montreal and the Saint-Lawrence river. We also want to install electronic signs that would tell drivers how many cars have passed on the bridge since the beginning of the day, the amount of fuel consumed by cars along with the amount of CO2 produced by cars.

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Une collaboration entre :

Ville de Montréal

Laboratoire d’innovation urbaine de Montréal

Experts municipaux

Patrick Lozeau
Véronique Dufort


DART263 – History and Theory of Design for Sustainability, Université Concordia, Design and Computation Arts 


Carmela Cucuzzella

Équipe étudiante

Kevin Mains
Florence Simard