• 1st Edition

  • Fall 2019

  • Smart communities

Under artificial skies


Under Artificial Skies is a smart installation depicting the issue of light pollution and energy waste in Montreal. It is to be installed in the business district of Place Ville Marie, an area solely occupied by office and commercial spaces. Due to the lack of residential housing, there should be very little light during the night. The installation consists of an LED screen that is connected to a data set quantifying the amount of energy wasted overnight due to light pollution. The screen depicts a birds-eye-view of a heat map of downtown Montreal that will respond to the data, glowing brighter as the energy waste is increased.

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Une collaboration entre :

Ville de Montréal

Laboratoire d’innovation urbaine de Montréal

Experts municipaux

Patrick Lozeau
Véronique Dufort


DART263 – History and Theory of Design for Sustainability, Université Concordia, Design and Computation Arts 


Carmela Cucuzzella

Équipe étudiante

Astou Touré
Lucia Giron