• 2nd Edition

  • Fall 2020

  • Large Urban Projects

Bellechasse Case Study

Examining the economic impacts on vulnerable populations


Our project mandate is to determine gaps in available data in a Montreal context so as to properly assess the vulnerability caused by development in the Bellechasse study area. Specifically, we focused on the local economy of the area. As such, we are trying to tackle means of data research so as to properly identify issues involving marginalized communities, and mitigate the risk of economic issues and gentrification for these marginalized individuals.

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Une collaboration entre :

Ville de Montréal

Service de l’urbanisme et de la mobilité

Experts municipaux

Annie Laurin


URBS480, Impact Assessment, Concordia University, Geography, Planning & Environment


Alexandra Lesnikowski

Équipe étudiante

Katerina Bakogiannis
Jordan Langlois
Ammar Mirza
Francisco Monroy
Lucas Saenz
Michael Tomizzi