• 2nd Edition

  • Winter 2021

  • Open Data And Urban Infrastructures

Predicting Water Consumption and Detecting Leakage


Our project aims to predict the water consumption of a municipality as well as to determine potential leaks in the water distribution network. This type of model would be useful for municipalities in terms to repair assets prior to major breakages, and ensure that the water system is equipped to handle forecasted consumption demand.

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Une collaboration entre :

Ville de Montréal

Direction, technologies, architecture, innovation et sécurité

Experts municipaux

Marie-Odette St-Hilaire


CIVI 691 – Big Data Analytics for Smart City Infrastructure (Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering), Concordia University


Mazdak Nik-Bakht

Équipe étudiante

Alex Brisbois
Shayesteh Haghdan
Joe Young
Mohammad Amini